INTERSECTION Shares ‘Twisted’. “Sizzle is brighter than ever.”

Japanese-American boys band INTERSECTION is releasing their 4th single “Twisted” as their first self-produced work.

Japanese-American boy band INTERSECTION’s release of ‘Twisted’. And when a quartet of voices direct you to that place of paradise, you’ve come to the right place where the pop music is hot, and the sizzle is brighter than ever.

The Tokyo based band consisting of William Aoyama, Kazuma Mitchell, Caelan Moriarty, and Mika Hashizume, bring soulful/r&b influenced pop goodness. The sultry harmonies and driving layers of sounds, it’s easy to get swept up in the flow of existential excitement.

“This song is about wistful feelings when having misunderstood each other with a girl you love and things didn’t go as you hope,” William Aoyama stated. “It actually includes my personal experience…We express anxious feelings of not been sure if we really understand each other… It depicts how those feelings moves around in real world and illusional world.”

William continued: “For the music video, I asked my friend Yuhei to direct it. We often talk about fashion and art together. I respect his unique sense of art, so I gave him a rough image of the video and let him do the rest. In this video, we express anxious feelings of not been sure if we really understand each other.”

The members, originating from California, New York, Cuba, and Hawaii, comes with a unique flavor to the pop band equation.

‘Twisted’ is self produced by William and Kazuma, which bring a story of a ‘heart-broken’ teenager. A story very much relatable and fully understandable.



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