INTET ‘A Part’ : Just wants to be a part of it, and out of sight.


The mysterious collective from Sweden, is back with another mesmerizing gem. “”This song is about trying to find your place and fit in but also a brief thought about what too much loneliness does to you. Whether you feel lonely in a crowd, lost among friends or just trying to connect the dots. With the release of “A Part” we want to invite people to contribute with their own version of INTET.”

INTET is like a bouquet of questions squeezed into a wry desperate hug. And in a world where you should aim for success and strength, INTET is just longing for belonging.

INTET is you and me, us and them, and perhaps nobody at all. In the middle of success and FOMO, discovering the strength of vulnerability.

INTET just wants to be a part of it, and out of sight.



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