Intro_p ‘Ouahe (Original Mix)’ : “The real value of a society lies in its diversity and authenticity.”


Even after studying two engineering degrees and working as mechatronics engineer, his passion for music never died. In 2004 he founded the label Neovinyl together with the artist Baldo (Good Ratio Music, BLD Tape Recordings). Shortly afterwards he moved from his hometown Málaga (Spain) to Cologne (Germany). Since then he has founded several event series such as ‘Rampa Zampa’ and ‘Forest Trump’ (where he and other artists perform), the Coworking Space ‘OutofSpace Studios’, dedicated to professionals from audio-visual & media, and his own Label ‘Introp Music’.

His concept of club music emerged in the middle 90´s and is based on elaborated arrangements, melodic tunes, subtle atmospheres and emotionality. These are the reflection of his contemplative and critical attitude and his balanced perspective of melancholy and joie de vivre, which in his opinion might become essential elements for humanity in the future.

‘Ouahe’ is off of the EP ‘Accents’, and is a homage to the uniqueness of every individual person. “The real value of a society lies in its diversity and authenticity,” said Intro_p. “The real challenge is not just money and power but to listen to your inner voice and live accordingly.”


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