INU INU ‘Running’ : Creating songs with a distinctive atmospheric pop sound.

INU INU / Photo: Auke Hamers

‘Running’ is the fourth and final single of INU INU’s upcoming debut EP.

“It is centered around the insecurities and uncertainties which mire each of our futures,” said the band. “This inner monologue spirals between the past, present and future of a relationship – from the certainty of the beginning until the hardship of deciding to let each other go. This is never a decision to be made lightly, as it clearly affects us greatly.”

She currently lives in a quiet place where life is slow; there is nothing to run away from and the beauty of nature makes it easy to be alone with yourself. The relaxing atmosphere of her work seeks to inspire this feeling in others, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of everyday life, which is ever-present.

Creating songs with a distinctive atmospheric pop sound, the vocals of Amber Nefkens, harkens to a string voiced by Natalie Merchant, at some of the song’s points.

The band is made of talents aforementioned, Amber, with Samuel Leeuwenburg (Keys + Guitar), Robin Wickham (Guitar) and Tim Giesen (Drums)


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