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io & Titan Shares ‘Dreamer’. Travel To The Stars, Of Open Hearts And Synchronized Ballets.

It’s Matt Schlatter’s (io & Titan) voice that got to us. There’s no ‘Dreamer’ without his kind of voice. It’s not a classic voice by no means, but it’s what songs like this deserve. The interpretive quirks open up the hidden gems within those chapters of words, and we dig it.

Try closing your eyes and travel with him. Traveling through the mists of what we know of the outer reaches, desperate to grab ahold, but nothing there to receive. There’s nothing in between, from here to there. There to here. Doesn’t seem the fabric has moved an inch.

But you have.

Your soul has.

Your being has to.

Going forward, will help relieve you of the pain of the past. The past gets distant, with future synchronizations of truth – your truth for redemption.

And within a single like ‘Dreamer’, we can achieve that first short and powerful steps.

Kudos, Matt. Kudos.



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