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By An Ion – Autre Vie

By An Ion’s Autre Vie takes us on a trek of other worldly beauty, and renaissance – dictating our emotions to the cusp of ‘un-knowledge’. It begs to differ. It wholly consoles. And its fusion holds our hands, and doesn’t want to let go.

Don’t let go.

Patrick sensed his dull existence, seemingly, even when he was born. He had the memory of being excited to be born, but also had the memory of being skeptical, of it. It was unusual that such a memory can be filed in a human brain like that, but Patrick’s did.

Sometimes it was a curse.

Sometimes it was an assurance.

Most of time, made him feel that he wouldn’t be him, without it.

He hated that he had that skepticism. His mother knew how he is, as well.

Patrick was her only child. She loved him as a mother should.

It was his 12th birthday today. They all celebrated.

He ate his slice of cake.

Smiled at his mother. She smiled back.

Self discovery and introspection is done when we feel ‘down and out’. It’s a mechanism which helps us to re-evaluate our circumstances, make sense of what’s happening, and at the end of it all – maybe just maybe, we can come up with a plan to burst through.

By An Ion lives in the Synth/Electronica world, but this song is for all of us to listen and enjoy.




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