Irene Diaz ‘Another Observer’ : Expansive anthem of cosmic confidence and determination.

Look for her upcoming album ‘Lovers and Friends’ for a 2020 release.

Irene Diaz

“Feeling content” was a part of the feelings that Irene Diaz had said about her new release ‘Another Observer’. “I don’t know what’s on the other side of the release but I do know I’m preparing for something I’ve never experienced before. Ive been thinking a lot about life and how we spend our time here on earth. I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing, at the pace I’m doing it at…”

Irene Diaz is preparing to release her new full length album, ‘Lovers and Friends’ for a 2020 release.

Captivating and powerful, the antithetically contrasting vocals of Irene Diaz, is extraordinarily other worldly. The soulful and deeply gritty electro-pop veneration, takes you on a trip of confidence and determination. An alt-pop anthem, the energies that pour out of the song, is of both trepidation for what’s to come, and the diligent promise to the action plans to be executed.

Her Kickstarter backed 2013 debut EP, ‘I Love You Madly’, showcased Diaz’s musical style and ability to crossover effortlessly into different genres of music ranging from Jazz to R&B to Folk. Over the years Diaz has pushed herself to evolve, combining looping keyboards and drum beats to go along with her shining, standout voice.

“I’m happy that I’ve worked so hard at something and have been challenged mentally and emotionally, and to say physically as well. I’ve gotten to know my voice a lot more and my voice as an artist a lot more. The idea that things should come easy is out the window for me. Because when they do you don’t learn and don’t appreciate. You miss the journey. I’ve become more aware of this journey and whatever happens I’ll be present for it.”

A new era of Irene Diaz, has been opened and turned, to form a mystical new chapter of vibes and invigoration. In a world of indifference and apathy, Irene has decided to thrust and bet in the power of positivity and work for the ‘morrow.

A defiant invocation for the new and the exciting.


Irene Diaz


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