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Irma Vep Releases New Single ‘Evil’. What A Mess. Love It.

The guy named Edwin Stevens from North Wales, calling his project Irma Vep, comes at us all again, with this diabolically odd and unassumingly hectic kind of sound through the new single ‘Evil’. Irma Vep is the kind of DIY, that is too-DIY for many tastes. But for some (like us), there is no limit to how much DIY can be…um…DIY. And this is where Irma Vep’s sound lives, and we want to visit that neighborhood, again and again.

We find that music like ‘Evil’ brings about the decadence collectively associated with such acts as ‘Louis The 14th’, and the ‘Czar Of Russia’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth (the first)’. And yes, these are not bands, but actual monarchs. The haughty over the top and draining austerity reminds us of the spectral opposites; the gaudy gowns, and head pieces, with the restraining and oppressing of their own peoples.

Let’s get it straight, though. Irma Vep isn’t about ‘monarchs’ and that lot.

Irma Vap is about love affairs, in our little lives, amplified through the roots of that thick forest of the psyche.

It’s about the succinct and abrupt methods of communicating, WITHOUT trying to communicate.

‘Evil’ is that odd-pop that is fab and just awesome to experience.

We don’t have too much information (as usual) on this single or latest from Irma Vep, but there’s a 7″ that’s available to you at his rep’s (Handsome Dad Records) HQ.


Buy [HERE]


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