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Isa Marina // David Wayne // Modern Monet // Bad Birthday // Misty Mtn

Isa Marina – No Grey

Conviction for knowing what you’re worth is what ISA MARINA’s single ‘No Grey’ conveys for all of us to absorb. It’s hard to deflect and wake up from the consciousness of neglect from the other. Do you deserve such variance and indignation? Most likely, not. “I fell into your stereotypical millennial ‘situation- ship’. On and off and back and forth; it was not for me. I needed to get out of the grey area that I found myself in for my own sanity, and I did. He never gave me the concrete answer I was looking for, but his silence told me everything I needed to know. I decided to move on and remain patient for the love and commitment I knew I truly deserved and wanted.” So, lets crack open that new world, for you deserve the best you can. Even if your heart says otherwise. Get into the soul of Isa.

David Wayne – Twisted

Party? Heck yea. You coming with? Yea? Good. It’s Friday. Let’s give it a go with the friends and the folks loving what we are. ‘Twisted’ tells of a story of many Friday’s that have existed and will exists. It’s a duty of the non-faint hearted to gather the forces within, to deal with the goodness that is out there in the wild. Who will want you tonight? How much love will be distributed tonight? Let’s party. With the best of r&b and soul, the hip-hop singer makes it known that he’s here and pumpin’ out the passion our ears deserve. ‘Twisted’ is a no-nonsense promise of a good time. Word.

Modern Monet – Something Good

Like the clouds of a pastel colored oil painting, MODERN MONET’s chemistry is undeniable in their single ‘Something Good’. Listening to this supple and floating boat of love, you feel there’s nothing you can’t handle. Just like the times when you’re in love, the will to be the best you can be, amplifies to infinity. “Something good is about hope. Everyone dreams for something someday,” stated MODERN MONET. “I think it was when we wrote it (and still is) our love letter to people who wake up every day with the hope of contributing something beautiful to the world.” Oh what a world we live in, to witness a promise of such love. The duo simply brings that notion to life. Life is livable once more.

Bad Birthday – Prints in the Tar

Nothing like BAD BIRTHDAY. The force from the mixed bag of gravity, that is this band, delivers with art-ecstasy and plenty of indie-prog that is reminiscent of music on acid, that reaches for the far outposts of a glancing blow from a fist of brilliance. ‘Prints In The Tar’ is one offering from the band, which continues the operatic-dream-pop essence that has made this band so desirable. From the dip-pop notes, to the staggered stance of unrequited versatility, BAD BIRTHDAY is their own definition. They stand alone in this vastness of the musical scene. This band consisting of Michelle Elmhøj, Sharon, Jeanelle Kumaraswamy, Mathias Jæger, Jens Mikkel Madsen, and Frej Lesner, drive you mad. And every minute is glorious.

Misty Mtn – We’ll Call It Even

MISTY MTN is a project made up of NYC based Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall. And in this tasty single ‘We’ll Call It Even’ confounds the normal pallet of desires and breaks them open on the hard-wood floor of the local Universe. It is the calling of the wild – the calling of your solidarity to yourself and sanity, itself. Will you survive this dance? Will you survive this dance for love? It’s up to you to call. There’s no sympathy in what happens during the best of times. You, me, him, her – we rely upon the best of our judgements. We’ll have to step up. Will you step up to love, with me? MISTY MTN gathers an aura of mystery, especially when presented by Morissa’s intoxicating vocal presence. And the amplification of the emotional truth communicated, is delightfully tweaked by the nuance work of Lucas. The little notes at the edges, make the distinction just right. And then some. ‘We’ll Call It Even’ is a pleasure.


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