Isaac Diskin ‘On Hold’ : And he hopes you’ll tag along for the wild ride.

Isaac Diskin

Off of EP ‘The Man I Am’, beautifully laid instincts of song and emotive algorithms burst into existence in Isaac Diskin’s single ‘On Hold’. The blues toned, vibes of the whole EP, casts that dark and cool invigoration that crosses new vitalization into shimmering romance.

“It’s the first song but the last one I recorded,” said Isaac. “This song is about holding on to something that you might never have, and only ever truly feeling it when you close your eyes for the final time. In this case, that is finally getting off of [on] hold with my Internet company.”

Isaac’s got the attitude, talent, and vision for his project. He’s got a plan for the existence that he’d been afforded by this Universe.

And he hopes you’ll tag along for the wild ride.

Isaac is 21 year old and in August 2018 he released a self produced EP entitled ‘The Beginning’.


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