Isaac Winemiller ‘A Lover’s Haze’ : Dynamic cynicism that is both forthright and calmingly kind.

Isaac Winemiller

“This song was written in my bedroom about 3 years ago, and after many demo stages,” stated Isaac Winemiller. “I feel it is finished and ready for people to enjoy. Lyrically the song is melancholy and hopelessly romantic. It hits on the hardships of passing youth, mental health, and young love.”

Funky, laid back, yet immersive and psychedelic, Isaac’s sultry vocals clash with class in this sonic revelry. Uber talented and understated in presentation, ‘A Lover’s Haze’ follows singles of dynamic cynicism that is both forthright and calmingly kind.

It’s what Isaac is all about, in our eyes.


Isaac is also the tour bassist for band, Vansire.

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Excited to share some new music in April!

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