Isabel Neib ‘Friend’ : Perfect representative and ambassador to this adventure.

Let’s lap it up.

Isabel Neib

It is time to send a friend request to the artist and producer Isabel Neib. That’s right. A friend request. You might be the lucky one. But with her music playing behind your everyday moves, we’re sure you’ll get to feel what Isabel is throwin’ down.

And she throws down misgivings and enemies of emotional pander and chaos to the curb.

Like a proper earworm, ‘Friend’ sticks like velcro. And as always, Isabel brings the cultic mix of decadent and dark-ish lyrics, contrasted with joy and obsessively decadent vibes. 

Isabel’s single ‘Friend’ has now a music video. And as shimmering as the song is, Isabel’s bigger than life vibes are on display, which wholly defines what she’s trying to do with her songs. Delicate in words, but never a shrinking flower, Isabel’s call for empowerment, casts a fantastically crafted pop intuition, for all of us to lap up.

The songstress has the fabulous tact and is a perfect representative and ambassador to this adventure, we all call, life.

With ultra expressive colors from her distinct and vibrant vocals, to the way she’d organized her synchronicity in ‘Friend’, we turn back the hands of time, to smile and seek comfort in those delicate of days.

Get into Isabel’s song.

It’s a keeper.



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