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Song Of The Day! Isabel Neib Shares ‘Friend’. “There’s more to you than this one somber relationship.”

We all have gone through relationships with the desired gender, waiting for that perfect time to be the love of their lives. A charming story of friendship blooming into something more – maybe of deep love – is a Cinderella story that all walks of life have and reminisce.

ISABEL NEIB is Sweden based alt-pop songstress whom has the fabulous tact to be our representative and ambassador to this grayest of relational anomalies.

With ultra expressive colors from her distinct and vibrant vocals, to the way she’d organized her synchronicity in ‘Friend’, we turn back the hands of time, to smile and seek comfort in those delicate of days. Love was hard to come by, back then. But in hindsight, it sure was fun.

We think Isabel takes those notions and puts it into this single, and knocks it out of the park.

Sad, but accepting; blissful, and smart – the melodic enhancements in ‘Friend’ takes your hand and gives you reason to move forward. A relationship doesn’t have to sink your ship – or the lack there of. It’s a moment in time, to dwell, absorb, and add to your belt of life’s experiences.

Could have been nice if it turned romantic, though, right??

*Sigh* =D

At least, Isabel understands.



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