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Isabel Wood – Ghost 3am

‘Ghost 3am’ is a heartbreaking open letter to somebody from Isabel’s past who lied and manipulated her. Said Isabel: “‘Ghost 3am’ is by far the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written, which was scary at first, but it has also turned out to be my favourite. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to it.” Despite her childhood dream of becoming a con artist (inspired by the 1988 classic ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’), Isabel’s life took a different – and legal – direction when she was accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium to study popular music at age 17. And it fit her like a glove. The flood of stories she’d wanted to tell, has pushed her patience and talent to a beautifully garnered aggregation for success and accolades. Isabel added: “I think great songs capture emotion through meaningful lyrics and undeniable melodies, and that’s something I really strive to achieve with my writing … It’s important to me that my songs are still impactful when stripped down to their simplest form.” Toxic relationships is an inherent obstacle for most of us on this earth. Trying to live within a package of lust, and love, a balance is struck with imperfection and grief. It’s the norm, but we go forth. ‘Ghost 3am’ is an acceptance of that reality. But at the same time, never succumbing to that permanence of that exact fact. Look for more from Isabel.

Sulene – Out of Your Head

‘Out of Your Head’ is the 3rd single from Sulen’s upcoming EP, ‘Fire Escaping’. The song was co-written by Dave Rublin of American Authors, and has appeared in a Nike campaign. Said Sulene: “We wrote the song the first time we ever hung out. I’d just gone through an unexpected break-up and wanted to write a “dancey break-up song” to cheer myself up.” =D Funny how things go, eh? Creativity is sometimes cleverness hidden behind pastel and joyful emotions. In ‘Out Of Your Head’ and in the works of Sulene, that exact fun and cleverness exudes with tongue-in-cheek practicality. Shining with her vocal heft and seriousness, the peaks and valleys of the song discovers in fabulousness, as Sulene drives on – always giving us hope and exuberance for life. See her next at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere, November 14th.

Terrane – Underwater

Terrane’s work has, against contemporary logic, been rapidly gaining traction for its beautiful fusing of dreamlike cinematics and raw emotion, whilst delicately walking the tightrope between organic and electronic composition. Human connection via digital circuits seems to be key throughout both Terrane’s output and creative environment: living and working from below the infamous BT Tower, his music seems to have assimilated both the technical complexity and simple human connections of the myriad conversations and signals the infamous telecoms tower processes and transmits on a daily basis. The title track ‘Underwater’ comes from Terrane’s newest album. The vibe is real. Terrane’s vocals is beautifully longing. The arrangement – that’s cosmically yours. It’s the perfect storm, for the things that matter in your world, the most – a storm for love and re-invigoration for what’s real.

Boy In Space x SHY Martin – On A Prayer

Boy In Space is Robin Lundbäck. “I’ve been dead for days I just feel like a black hole. Got my head in space I’m alone where should I go? Everything we did is saved in a box full of Polaroids, and when I drink I don’t think so I call just to say hello.” Before being reworked into one of Lundbäck’s hard-hitting pop songs, the new single started as a country song. “We were playing around with some very twangy chords and lyrics, just joking around really, and it was one of those moments where a joke turns into something kind of interesting.” Give previous singles “7UP”, “Cold”, and “Drown” a listen to fully immerse yourself in the world of Boy In Space. And why the moniker, Boy In Space? Daid Robin: “I can be crazy and all over the place at times. I was always the class clown in school and although I got along with everyone, I was never really at the top of the class.” Word.

Chief – Losing Sleep

“We wanted to write a song that focuses on self-induced apathy and being detached from a bad situation.” Comprised of Michael Taylor, Sammy Vaughn, Jordan Furr, and Derek Belser, the Indianapolis natives fuel the emotions with delight and pang, all starting from 2018. A blend of 70’s and modern pop aesthetics the quartet spins your world with woozy vocals, delicate suppositions, and a ‘nothing can get our way’ attitude towards the sublime. Digital and analog, come together in that dance for hearts’ attention. And as the band strives towards that ending beginning, we gather ourselves in love, of our own volition and personal anonymity. A story that Chief continues to tell through their opulent circumstances of song.


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