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Isadoré Shares ‘No Illusion’. “Flickering delight and somber effervescence.”


Flickering delight and somber effervescence describes the latest single from Isadoré. The fun has just begun, as Isadoré’s vibrance opens up the new day’s sunshine, marking up the inquisitive’s journal of thoughts and intuitions, for them.

Her single ‘No Illusion’ is an unapologetic anthem inviting listeners to dance in the footsteps of their ancestors and delve into the mystique of introspective feminine folklore.

In early 2018, Isadoré was invited by the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Alberta, Canada to attend a 5 week residency writing and recording music inspired by classic feminist novel “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. This magical time spent in the Canadian Rockies fueled the fire for Isadoré’s next release, a concept project comprised of 4 tracks uncovering the Wild Woman archetype of the feminine psyche.

Isadoré is the project of Isabelle Reynaud, and the songstress with the vibin’ vocals and lyrical decadence, debuted with her EP ‘Fight or Flight’ in 2017. And with that milestone, has been on a mission to keep on driving into musical mysteries and new horizons, with every single she’d been constructing.

‘No Illusion’ is that next step forward.

And with that step, Isadoré, beleaguers none of the unsubstantiated residues of the past nor the dusty future – but only kicks her endeavor into another gear for musical interrogation and deliverance in sonic beauty.

Come one. Come all, for Isadoré.

She’s here.



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