Ishani ‘Unkind Vibrations’ : “Virtual vibes and false connections are affecting everyone’s mental health.”


‘Unkind Vibrations’ refers to a world suffocating under the mass of excess content, fake news, social media obsessions and political uncertainty. Her stacked psychedelic vocals evoke Kelli Ali, FKA Twigs and Nneka, providing a gritty and immersive soundscape for an impromptu feature by rapper Steezo. Ishani’s lyrics offer a bleak glimpse into the saturation of digital culture on our everyday thoughts and dreams.

Said Ishani: “We consume a lot of vibes on a subconscious level and these days they seem increasingly unkind. Virtual vibes and false connections are affecting everyone’s mental health.”

At the forefront of Ishani’s discography is an emphasis on the translation of her inner world and observations of society into conscious, heartfelt lyrics. This is clear in tracks such as ‘Don’t Stop The Fight’, which boldly tackles violence against women; an issue Ishani holds dear. The song was featured on VH1 and the Indian interactive comic book ‘Priya’s Shakti’. She appeared on AlJazeera’s ‘The Stream Show’ to discuss her involvement in the project. Her song ‘Dark Angel’, a reflection on the loss of two close friends to suicide was described by CLASH Magazine as “a highly personal plea for mental health awareness” and highlights Ishani’s commitment to making music that matters.

‘Unkind Vibrations’ is the first single off her upcoming EP, co-produced with Zaflon, which will be coming out in three months.


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