Iska Dhaaf ‘Crying in Your Sleep’ : Melancholy and sincere. Flows through the currents of a lucid dream.

Iska Dhaaf

‘Crying in Your Sleep’ is the newest offer from Iska Dhaaf. It tells a multilayered story that revolves around two separate dialogs: one from the waking world and one from the dimension of dreams. The production of the song has an ethereal delicacy that cycles around a driving bass line and clusters of electronic percussion.

Beautiful pads and arpeggiations flutter and dance around the steady beat and heavenly keys. The main melody drifts in and out as a sweet lullaby as Benjamin Verdoes’s gentle voice lilts and sways. Melancholy and sincere, ‘Crying in Your Sleep’ flows through the currents of a lucid dream.

The poetry and wordplay is superb, as the mystic revelry, waves with integrating sophistication and unencumbered examination of thoughts.

Whether electronica, rock, or pop, the Brooklyn inquisitors, deliver with absolute and compelling heft in attitude. A dip of sanity, in an otherwise, insane world, the debilitatingly instigating storytelling, will bring you in and instill an awe of respect and love.

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