Islo ‘All I Have’ : Hushed in gravity. Moving forward, in permanent search.


Traveling in the poison of living, the decadent look at his finger – fraught with the day’s stresses – he, clamors to climb the boulders of the desert. A flat plain of existence where the twinkling trickle of light and fulfillment can make him whole, he’s still on the quest – a millennia of confusion and fog.

Islo tacks on the subtlety of that profound adoration of heart and soul, with the digitalis of his single, ‘All I Have’. That brittle consumption of doubts and pristine standards, meld into a golden trauma of newer embellishments that speak in tongues and rattles in hums.

Looking at the cut up fingers – both tired and dusty – he looks up again at the vast expanse of that lingering desert.

Hushed in gravity. Moving forward, in permanent search.

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