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Valentine Goesel

Islo – Jealous Fights

Ah. That fresh cup of coffee in the early morning. Around 6 A.M. Quiet. Feeling like no one in the world exists. Before the world starts crackling again, it is your time. The serenity before the storm. Quite like a relationship that feels as though complete control had been made. All communication was clear and exchanges were made, with ample amount of confidence. But slowly and step by step, those pillars of confidence, cracks under pressure and unanointed symbolisms. Talking past each other, and in the other, lesser dependence, the last effort is made. To no avail. ISLO’s expressive vocals debut with ‘Jealous Fights’. He’s genre-less to the closest degree. Poignantly delectable.


BĘÃTFÓØT features Adi Bronicki (Deaf Chonky’s front woman), in ‘HÂSHMÂL’. “Ad She Itze Hashmal” meaning in Hebrew: “Until electricity comes out” influenced the whole concept behind this one. And as it scares you to death and scowls you to deprivation through its beating brows, the anti-angelic vocals of Adi, gleans through the vertical arteries of truth and justice – no matter where you’ve visited for lunch. That meal will reveal itself. It will reveal your soul. BĘÃTFÓØT is the Tel Aviv based man (manimal??) behind this twisted single. He ain’t apologizing.

Kip LaVie – Alyosha

Kip LaVie’s single ‘Alyosha’ is a “..tension and release, feminine and masculine, earnestness and humor — and is one creator’s effort to make a little piece of heaven on earth.” This title track off of the 3 track EP, incessantly begs the question, but never parts with the genesis of it all. From a basic beginning, the mix of chimes and heart turning flute extracts, the elements of experimentation and heart-pounding expediency, it thrives and pumps with vigor. A birth? A new beginning to an expected end? Who knows. No one does.

Great News – TV

Norwegian band GREAT NEWS bring single ‘TV’ into the light. And as they always do, GREAT NEWS stated: “We felt like sharing some new music, and TV seemed like the perfect song to release. We’ve been thinking about how television has had such an enormous impact on our lives. We find ourselves walking down the street and seeing all the TV screens lighting up people’s apartments, creating common memories for different generations. Who really decides what to watch or what to listen to now? The age of conventional TV is definitely over, but these new platforms are also heavily influencing our choices and how we make them.” Word to your motha’, for sure. The world has turned the corner, as far as mass communication revolutions is concerned. Broadband and Internet access will be bigger. Our human emotions? Maybe won’t weather the storm, quite the right way. We’ll find out.

Daniel Keane – Sainsbury’s Girl

DANIEL KEANE is quite an animal. A musically beautiful, and oddly manifesting artist of an animal, that is. Off beat in nature, but never short in seasoning, the lo-fi fabulousness of the project from the UK, dings and dangs through the marshes of the ol’ country and sets some note-blazes across that exact marsh. New sounds and beating of exploratory love-scapes, angle out the dregs of the norm and makes us smile. Daniel said: “My mission statement is melody and madness, I want to create catchy infectious pop, while discussing my scattered fractured dumb young brain.” Check. Double check. Mission accomplished? Nope. Daniel’s got more to offer. Look for his upcoming EP. Should be a doozy.


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