Ismy ‘Forest Blue Park’ : Celebration in story telling, intimate and dynastic.


Off of the fabulous debut EP ‘Jesus Save My Broken Little Body’, Ismy’s dark and contrasting ellipses of thoughts and memories, swirl in a vat of synth driven acid bath. Nurturing and intelligent, a scar of stories, wash over you at the cellular level, adjusting the level of monastic attitudes and inner beasts.

“When I was 17, I had a boyfriend in secret,” said Ismy. “We wanted to be together so badly. But we lived in a very conservative community, and I was raised a devout Catholic. I was taught a lot of things about why attraction to other boys was so wrong. Getting over my own guilt was one thing, but we were both scared for our safety and our lives. Public spaces, private spaces, our bedrooms when our parents weren’t around—it felt like there was no physical space where society wasn’t watching us, judging us. So we went to where others like us have gone for generations: the woods.”

Seeking persecution, from an implication of dirt and guilt that Ismy never asked for from birth, a young life ran for the hills for justice. A justice that wasn’t fair, and a justice that was just in name only.

But small solace was taken from that moment in time, building the man to become, for betterment sake.

Ismy’s album is a celebration in story telling, intimate and dynastic. It’s a digital foray in dynamic resolution, that is deserving of praise.

Matthew Bruinooge is Ismy. We’d suggest you take a look see at his art.

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