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ISRA // Tender Glue // Boy is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba // Fleur De Lys // sparks fly from a kiss

ISRA – I Do I Do I Do

ISRA’s ‘I Do I Do I Do’ is a gorgeous single of impending soundscapes and vocal driven beauty. Off of the debut EP ‘Sun Solace’, the Copenhagen, Denmark based band embodies new-wave sensualities, in an attempt for the exercise of emotional plights. The mind turns into an animal of opportunity, devouring the likelihood of love, hate, indifference. The uplifting melodies quench the need for our desire for patterns, of light, of colors, of contrasts.

Tender Glue – City Girl

TENDER GLUE has been on our list of talents for a long while now. The project is a giant of philosophies, gathered in the lyrical and notes of a beautifully cast colors of gray. ‘City Girl’ is another of these singles, which exhibits tinges of underlying pop-Sade-like pop beckoning, and new-wave extravagance over guitar. It makes a niche for itself, in a dimension that is wholly approachable and eye-opening. Off of the latest EP ‘Closet Leftover’ TG continues to produce and make music in NYC.

Boy is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba – Dissolve

Australian Alex Gillett (BOY IS FICTION) and Chris Schafer (GHOSTS OF TYTO ALBA), combined forces to bring the emotionally tactile electro single ‘Dissolve’. Off of the collaborative album ‘A Single Beam Of Light’, is a exploratory examination of sound and its effects on the human psyche. The two artist delve deeply into the depths of the human Ocean, dark with mystery and suspense.

Fleur De Lys – Sbecdol

Sometimes you have to let your hair down and just dance to the beat. In this case, the infectious works of Wales UK based band, FLEUR DE LYS. We at CHF have stated that the Welsh language is a thing of beauty. The expressive accents and highlights, make the work of any single just brighter and emotive. Put that fact on top of the pop-rock works of FLEUR DE LYS, then you have the effervescent statement song of ‘Sbecdol’. It’s a straight on trip, and we all should – for intents and purposes – dance like we never have.

sparks fly from a kiss – The Swell

‘The Swell’ is from New Jersey’s SPARKS FLY FROM A KISS. And the song is a high-flying excursion of the heart, with hesitations and angsts, described over driven riffs of fuzzed out guitars. The over-arching rock drivels over necessary breaks of emotions and unfettered attack on the post-relationship relationship. ‘The Swell’ is the title single off of their latest album.


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