ISTA ‘Western Sun’ : Live. And in your face. Chest in the air. Rear in attention.

ISTA / Photo: Kelli Mcguire

Live. And in your face. Chest in the air. Rear in attention. Full lipped and ready to go. That’s where this hyper psyche classic rock goodness is all about.

ISTA’s ‘Western Sun’ is a run-it-up, gun-slingin’, hip twistin’, madness of an offering that gets you tastebuds for a slaughter and does it in those denim pants that shows off all the curves. It sits near your soul, with palpitating thrusts of vocal extremes, stratosphere high energies, and raucous guitar riffs that rivals the greats. All of the elements come together to extrude out all of the juices of your yearnings, siphoning with tender care, but slapping your buns at the same time.

You kinda like it, to be honest, you tell yourself. But then you slap back at the energies, and waive your arms with the song, with carefree affection.

It’s a journey, yo.

So, let’s run as it’s got you sweatin’. It’s your time to shine. If you want it to be.

In 2019, West coast psych-rock transplants ‘Ecstatic Union’ teamed up with Brooklyn based producer, Sam Cohen to begin recording what was planned to be their 3rd release under the same name.

Fresh sounds and styles emerged along with a new cast of characters who began blessing the tracks, ultimately joining forces beyond the studio to birth the electrifying 7 piece psychedelic-disco-soul-punk love child.

ISTA, y’all.


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