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It’s Butter – Vegan Chai

Britta Raci is something else. Not sure why she’s not at the national height of popularity. The dynamic and versatile talent of the trio IT’S BUTTER consumes our listening vibes with layered lyrical philosophies, palpable indie-rock/r&b elements, and fun extracts of Brit-pop in the single ‘Vegan Chai’. The soulful and rhyme-adelic presentation is a patent verification of the trio’s offering to our sometimes vapid musical Universe. With Diego Patino and Johnnie Gilmore, Britta brings out and demonstrates a varied color pallet that is differentness from her past singles, where she never deviating from the core of her textured glimmer in songwriting presence. Psychedelic at times, experimental at times, pop at times, prog-rock at times, ‘Vegan Chai’ reminded us of Angie Hart of Frente! fame with deep and delectable hooks plus unforgettable relevance. IT’S BUTTER is a great time, to say the least, and can’t wait to listen to more of this project. Word.

Late Night Pharmacy – June

Ireland based band LATE NIGHT PHARMACY drives the listener nuts with ‘June’ their single from their newest EP ‘Flamingo’. Why nuts? Because it is so very familiar and the harmonies in the single invokes a solitary pension for some foregone conclusion in the past that, when remembered, casts a warmth that is hard to replicated. Dave Sihra, Fionn Murray, and Jordan Swanson make up this new-wave Brit-pop shoegaze ensemble and when ‘June’ is turned up for full appreciation, you dream of the smiles and excitement you might feel if you were listening to them live, on-stage. It’s the perfect single for a night of fun, with energetic guitar riffs that gets you there, while the drums kick you to another level. The formula is right on.

Ben Coiacetto – Love Tax 2023

BEN COIACETTO accomplishes much with his new single ‘Love Tax 2023’, which is accompanied by the music video that is in synch with his works in paint, sculpture, and knack for brain manipulation. It’s the good kind. His single is a ballad of sorts, intrinsic in vengeance of things we swim through on a day-to-day, but never really lingering to find out; it’s the hinderance to our instinctual need to be curious; it’s the perversion to a higher level of ‘never before’ which you ultimately embrace with a tear and a thump in your heart. The mix of emotions are disturbingly twisted and calculated, but in its alchemy, triumphantly tortures you to a blissful adjunct of empathy and affection – opening up a wormhole to newer angles of thought. Ben is an ethereal pop-artist who has a finger on the pulse of human degradation, but at the same time fully embracing the celebratory amalgam of our current state of affairs. Bravo. ‘Love Tax 2023’ is his first ‘release’ – in every sense of that word.

looseleaf – Breakdown

The closing single from their sophomore album ‘Paper Cuts’, ‘Breakdown’ really is a sonic description for what a breakdown of knowledge, sensibilities, emotions, and life-ridden cycles of angst could be. Interpretive, to the n’th degree, the duo of Anthony Marone and Wesley Edwards makes sense of a drive-by of the heart. Shot in multiple places, the investigative soul, can’t fit the pieces of this odd but familiar, resonance has prepared for dining. Your longing is on the street, bleeding as it cries out: “Why have you forsaken me. Why have you killed me!” Senseless acts of emotional d’Amore wrecks the best of us, at some point. To debilitating heartaches and in ‘Breakdown’, a laughably psychotic nihilism that ultimately keeps you at the edge of your dwindling sanity. Antony and Wesley stated: “‘Breakdown’ is the all about smiling through the pain…or is it about feeling pain in the smile? This song will make you feel like you’re losing your mind.” Exactly. looseleaf is that art-pop project you wanted. Now delivered – you must caress it.

JoeMayk – Sunrise in California

Off of his latest EP ‘Animal Soul’ JoeMayk (Aaron Avanish) makes a charming splash into our ears with his single ‘Sunrise In California’. It is a song that is acoustic driven and stripped down, in the efforts to enliven a time in a sliver of life when things seem so ‘golden’ and ‘majestic’. Aaron, in this situation thinks a sunrise has that kind of reflection for us to dive into, and he is certainly true. Also, with the addition a certain California related sunrise, we wholly agree. It is something spectacular to see and feel, if you’ve not tried. Spontaneity is woven inside this single, Aaron’s vocal habits to successfully convey wide-eyed excitement for even the simple things in life, keeps his music appreciative and delightful. We think that’s a part of what makes Aaron tick.


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