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It’s Sunday // aiwake // Linden // Sam Lynch // Ceylon Ceylon

It’s Sunday – Comme Un Fool

With Nirvana and Radiohead at the periphery, the angst and disposition, shimmers into positive atoms, as it shatters through the atmosphere and collides in ‘never-more’. IT’S SUNDAY is a project of Paris based Lucas Lecacheur and Dawnie Perry. They converged from the generosity of serendipity and make beautifully twisted and nostalgic garage music like this ballad. Taste the scandalously decadent, cough out the residue – the duo knows how to do the dirty and the gritty, with a shine that is utterly satisfactory to the core. Listen to the ending. Live it.

aiwake – Tonight (Sundown)

Dorian Voos and Euan Robertson makes things happen with, aiwake. “Endless seeking. Hunting for some sort of satisfaction, with no clarity as to what it looks like and no end game in sight. Sometimes life passes by while we are trying too hard to live it. Sometimes we look right through the very thing we are searching for. These are symptoms of the age of distraction. We all take part. True contentment, while undeniably fleeting, seems to fall into place on its own more often than it can be contrived. ‘Tonight (Sundown)’ is written from this experience. From the moment we finally settle into the place we feel we belong.” Poetic, aint it?

Linden – Crybaby

Charming and always with a vivid candor, LINDEN shows what can be done with minimal aesthetics and fabulous lyrics. ‘Crybaby’ keeps it powerful within its understated assumptions, delving further into a world of mysteries and anomalies. Often tackling subjects like human condition, female sexuality, domestic violence and it’s victims stories, LINDEN conscientiously keeps it real with a touch of David Lynch and narrative foreplay. See LINDEN @ The White Rabbit for Folklore showcase in Brighton, August 20th.

Sam Lynch – Not My Body

We’d been acquainted with SAM LYNCH and her brand of music, last year. We’d stated that the “Beautiful vocals of Sam Lynch cuts right through, touches your heart, makes you feel pretty special. It’s delicious and we couldn’t get enough of this version.” The Vancouver based artist has been evolving and pressing herself to produce great songs for the world. So as we look at her single ‘Not My Body’, we reflect on her own reflective exercises. And there, within the cusp of a cross road, we impart salutations. Sam smiles with her songs, and as we, the listeners, nod with joy and embrace to her call. While you’re at it, her latest single ‘Off The Rails’ is also available now.

Ceylon Ceylon – Why Don’t They Love You

The duo CEYLON CEYLON said: “The tracks are written from two different perspectives; ‘Why Don’t They Love You’ questions how fulfilling it is to love our digital selves more than our analog selves, while ‘Ghost’ is a reflection on the emptiness we feel when comparing ourselves to the stream of flawlessness on social media.” James from NYC and Josh from London makes people dance. Soul, funk, house, and electronica, at different layers of BPM and emotions, are the tools of the trade for the two. Graziella’s vocals makes this single ‘sing’ with pop revelry. Soakin’, to be sure.


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