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IULIANO Shares ‘Comfortable Lies’. “Might As Well Have Been A Thousand Miles Away.”

Lying down on the green green grass of the park, I look up to the sky, with the brilliant rays of sun beating down on my weak eye lids. I shade my eyes with the sunglasses that don’t seem to help. Then I shade my glass filtered eyes, with my hands. That seemed to work a bit better, as physics would tell, my hand was a better barrier for the invisible micro waves.

But it burned.

Just like your love.

It turned my relatively useless skin, into a crisp of burned toast that I had that morning.

The strawberry jam didn’t help the taste of that burned slice of bread.

And like that, not any musings nor last minute thrust for levity would help in our relationship.

You lay beside me on that lawn.

Might as well have been a thousand miles away.

“Everybody has a limit – sometime the wrong side of the limit keeps you from making music, but if you can go around it, it becomes a point of power. You can express yourself through your limits. It makes you different from other artists and it becomes your point of strength.” – Iuliano

IULIANO’s ‘Comfortable Lies’ is a jazzy folk rendition of riffs, skats, and series of pop relative questions for what ails us. And most of the time, it’s got to do with the concept of ‘love’, right? But it’s a subject that evokes a lust for life (or not), ripe for expression. IULIANO quietly, and methodically nudges the meter, forward, keeping it fresh and surreal.



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