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IV League Releases Video For ‘Superstar’. Debut EP To Drop Later 2018.

The vibe is unreal. The attitude is upfront, but arm’s length. The song is ‘high-on-life’, but dregs about the mundane. Oh boy, oh boy – it’s a single that ‘lives’ in our wheelhouse. IV League’s ‘Superstar’ is a monument to that ol’ ‘don’t care, but do care’ assembly in emotions and falsehoods. That handicapped parking space is NOT yours to use.

Debut EP drops later 2018.

The vocals of Bella Venutti (front-woman of the band) can’t be missed. Her sultry eyes, draped in irony, looks on and on to the vast Ocean of regular ridiculousness of possible humanity. The molasses smoothness of the guitars rock on to plateaus, just to give you a sense of pause, and a mirror to look upon.

The band’s glam hooks perpetuate that aura, bright with silver and hue, tinged with knives and pointy things raining upon you.

‘Superstar’ is the first single from the upcoming EP, to be released.

“The word ‘superstar’ is something I have found to be recurrent in the work of so many artists that I admire, from Sonic Youth to Mazzy Star and even Oasis,” Venutti goes on, “It’s a phrase that you don’t hear thrown around very much in aspiration these days, and I love the old school connotation of the word.”

Word to your mother.

The band consists of: Bella Venutti, Lachie Gilmour, Etienne Mantelli, and Winter McQuinn.

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