Ivan & Alyosha ‘Whiskey & Wine’ : With an undeniable love for life – close to destruction – is found by the missing empathy, once again.

Ivan & Alyosha

“’Whiskey & Wine’ tells the story of a man who has lost everything to his alcohol addiction,” said Ivan & Alyosha. “Within the song, he’s pleading with his love to give him another chance. Throughout the song, it describes what brings a man to the low points of relying on that escape. It’s extreme, but we all can relate to just wanting to check out and be numb. Sometimes it just takes someone seeing the light in our day for us to get to the other side.”

What’s wrong, just feels right. If the situation is dire enough. And when alone, and things seems so dark – it’s hard not to feel such right from the wrong.

Who can help me? Who can right the ship that keeps straying away?

Ivan & Alyosha lights up the romance, with a darkened and relatable tale of the struggle within.

With an undeniable love for life, the protagonist – close to destruction – is found by the missing empathy, once again.

Can dreams come true?

It does come true with Ivan & Alyosha’s, ‘Whiskey & Wine’.

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People… Been a minute. Hope you’re staying healthy / safe / busy lovin’ and livin’ and have better weather than we do currently on the west coast! Been recording lots. Just wrapped a new 6-song Christmas EP that’ll be out in November! Such a fun project! Full length LP is done, comes out digitally in late October, and we recently finished one more song for the record called “Coming Alive.” Can’t wait for y’all to hear it!! Next single out 9/25, the song is called “Whiskey & Wine” w/ some very special guest background vocalists. Lastly, we’re playing with @seattlesymphony in early December! More details soon. The show will stream online, but hoping we can do a couple of live / in-person shows as well. This will be all I&A tunes accompanied by the Symphony w/ arrangements by our dear friend and frequent collaborator @andrewjoslynmusic ! Much love, take care!! – Tim W / I&A Photo- @joeday

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