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Ivohė // Ambein Sloth // Swimming Bell // Jai Wolf // bülow

Ivohė – Night Sky

The name ‘Ivohe’ means ‘Ocean of Ours’. Her grandmother suggested it after and old Venezuelan legend. And just like a legend, her bespoke vocals balances the Universe once more. The gentle sweeps of breezes upon weeping-willows, silence broken by the stuttering leaves high above, Ivohė clamors to the love of antiquity, angling into the thickness of the air, and never surpasses beyond. The fingerpicking guitar loop, tickles as the weight and heft of concerns drench over the life’s little quirks. Intense and sensitive, ‘Night Sky’ is a deflection for the poetry in the rhythms of life. Melancholic dips and highlights, depict the sultry confusions and dream state. Be rendered helpless, in your significance.

Ambein Sloth – Syllables and Ciggarettes

Can excellence be determined in just over a minute? No always. But in AMBEIN SLOTH’s single ‘Syllables and Ciggarettes’ you definitely can. And when the duo indie-punk rockers from Chicago give it their efforts in this assertive and succinct offering, something clicks in your head. “Oh yea. That’s how songs were supposed to sound!” The intelligently constructed one minute tour-de-force comes complete as producer and cartoonist Spimont and Mike Seskauskas make their ambitions known. The music is the accompaniment to their Sloth cartoon character the ‘Ambein Sloth’. And when sound meets Sloth, you guessed it – there will be a party. Albeit a slow moving party (The Ambient Sloth like that kind of party, fyi). The duo said the single was “inspired by a friend’s divorce…Syllables and Ciggarettes is about that holy shit moment when you realize your relationship sucks.” Word.

Swimming Bell – 1988

SWIMMING BELL is the solo project of Katie Schottland. The Brooklyn based folk singer delivers with blossoming positivity in her latest single ‘1988’. From strum to strum, the night seems to part ways, as you say good-bye to the past. Her critically acclaimed singles ever since her debut EP ‘The Golden Heart’, have been produced by Oli Deakin and with her team behind her, Katie’s ramping up for the April 5th release of her next imprint ‘Wild Sight’. If past history is of any help, we should be in for a delightful sonic experience, once more.

Jai Wolf – Your Way ft Day Wave

With his debut album ‘The Cure To Loneliness’ on its way for an April 5th drop, the indie-electro artist Jai Wolf (Sajeeb Saha) keeps it plush with this latest anthemic event named ‘Your Way’. The single features Day Wave, and in it, the vivid descriptions and delivers in fine fashion. The Bangladesh-American, raised in New York City, personifies intimacy as this inspired music video sets new sights on what Jai Wolf is about to uncover for the world to hear. Much indie-pop, with hiphop, r&b, and electro to frame his music with care, brings nuance and strength in quality.

bülow – Sweet Little Lies (Music Video)

In our review of ‘Sweet Little Lies’ we’d said: “’Sweet Little Lies’ is about creating false realities.” bülow stated about the new song, “When things get real, we find escapes. Sometimes it’s hobbies, and sometimes it’s people. But the degree of it we can’t always control.” And now there’s a music video to accommodate to the fabulousness of this single. There’s no getting around it, because when the first notes drop, you’re hooked. The decadent elements hint at the subject matter, of importance and weight. But at the end of it all, bülow’s vocals makes the world a better place to be in. ‘Sweet Little Lies’ is “this malign and intrusive anticipation that is so very palpable.” Delicious.


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