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Ivory Wave – Club

Ivory Wave crawled up our spines because of their gritty song ‘Club’. Club introduced us to the ‘tough-neighborhood’ ‘young-and-bold’ type of music that Ivory Wave fans love.

This indie five-piece alternative slash electronic band has bridged the divide and is firmly holding hands with their growing fans in and around Birmingham UK. And seems they want to be relevant and stay that way.

Which is a good thing because we think they have some fabulous pieces for listening and appreciating. For instance, the song Paradise is something very reminiscent U2, in some planes.

It’s not a total contrast to the song Club, but it sure does free itself up from the loose bindings of the previous year’s song.

Ultimately the songs are held together strongly by the lead singer’s voice layered by some vocal effects in the output. All in all, the band is refreshing (at least to our ears) giving off “teen house party” vibe with “top level band results”.


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