Ivy Rose ‘I’ve Been Watching You’ : Pours out last remaining ounce of purity of such passions.

Ivy Rose

Sultry and with a vocals that basks in the sliver of sanity afforded through the window pane. A collapse of heart and story telling, enveloping in the most heap of adulterating warmth and wonder.

Ivy Rose’s exuding song, ‘I’ve Been Watching You’, delivers in the gray perpetrators of love and lust. A hinderance of utter vexation, the outer-limits vocal laser, pours out last remaining ounce of purity of such passions.

‘I’ve Been Watching You’ was co-written with Nick Littlemore and Donnie Sloan (Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream”).

Ivy’s hypnotic voice is elevated by wide acoustic guitars, atmospheric synths, and warm, emotive production. She said she wants listeners: “to feel the real pain and feelings that are behind my voice.”


The Houston based artist makes a splash with the debut single, which is soon to be followed up in an EP form.

Look out.


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