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Ivy Sole // Spinner // zms // Kris Nesnah // joe P. the MC

Ivy Sole – How High

“I think a lot of people my age can relate to the feeling of being in the presence of someone who gives you a high of sorts,” said Ivy. “I wrote this song quite some time ago with my friend & collaborator Devin of the band Bathe. At the time, we were both head over heels for our partner. As soon as OVERGROWN producer and fellow member of Bathe, Corey Smith-West played the beat, we knew there was something special happening.” Introspective hiphop artist IVY SOLE has it together, when she’s all emotive like this. And when we gather our senses to dig deep within her meanings, we strip our own masks to become vibrant once more. We can all use that, and Ivy delivers.

Spinner – Harden

Have you taken the best shot that you could have in life? SPINNER’s single ‘Harden’ is an inspirational anthem for the inner best of you. Break his knees on the court, take a half step back and take the 3 pointer. But at the same time, work hard to follow through. The world is a happening but deadly place, if you’re not careful. Work to get rewarded. Sweat to make it happen. Focus, on the important things in life. Drive with your head, gut, and the talent that you know you can offer. Let’s do this.

zms – d e l u s i o n s

Lo-fi production of single ‘d e l u s i o n s’ makes it easy for us to feel ‘alive’ again. Like a crisp morning of an Autumn Sunday, the refreshing offering from zms is a smooth inspiration we can identify. From the album ‘n a t u r a l l y’ the single gets at the blend of 90’s rap, with modern hiphop. It is available now in cassette. Let’s get with it.

Kris Nesnah – I Don’t Forget

In this soulful rendition from KRIS NESNAH, we’re drawn quickly to the melodies of his words, which delectably work off of the frame of love lost, and possibly found. ‘I Don’t Forget’ is about the knowledge of betrayal and unfounded neglect to a relationship that could have been at a different level. But it’s temporary, for the there’s no time to stay and dwell on the negative. It only breaks you, and never enhances the emotional energies need to go on. Bye, girl. Let’s move on to another chapter.

joe P. the MC – g2g

JOE P. THE MC is a solo artist and lyricist who grinds the dust of nuance and irony, right into the cracks of his rhymes. The under-rated rapper and artist is someone who you should put on your short list. With his decadent angst and penetrating style of production, his single ‘g2g’ drills down to the bare meaning of urgency, desperation, and emotional exercises that are often prevalent in all of us.


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