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IYEARA // Ethan French // Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite // Coco // Blame Baby

IYEARA – Exhale

“Lyrically ‘Exhale’ is a study of what makes a person,” stated vocalist Paul O’Keeffee. “Who are we and what relationships shape us? I played with the idea, that “the last breath we take and a life flashing before our eyes” untangle these questions. Who do we see? What do we feel. Love? In that last moment. The idea that people make an impression on us that never leaves. Even a relationship some 10 or 15 years past is a mark on us. Like a name written on the back of a hand. We ‘Inhale’ and ‘Exhale’ these moments, they are us both the good and bad, I can be‘a pile of mistakes in the shape of a body’ sometime. But ‘on the back of your hand, I’ll be never far away”. Made up of Toby Butler, Malcolm Carson, and Paul O’Keeffe, IYEARA is a venting of another sort. It casts the cool and the calm, as the planets of momentous deeds of an individual will, roams slowly to a new and encompassing dawn of time. Their debut EP, ‘CONSEQUENCES’, drops September 27th.

Ethan French – Why Don’t We Go

There are instinctive ways to feel, when you first get to listen to an up and coming musician. The instant satisfaction of the craft and resulting output, delight with ease and a familiar comfort. ETHAN FRENCH is 18 years old. But has the knack to arrange and hone in to a specific emotive impact with his song. ‘Why Don’t We Go’ does just that. The slow and charming ballad, casts shimmer of kind and revelry, that drapes over like a fleeting daydream during the lazy days of summer. As the sounds of that moment pause, the full vibrance of it all hits you with a satisfying smile of gumption and revival. The piano glimpses over the edge, as you dangle within the guard rails of life and limb. You smile again, and again. Nothing seems to get to you. At least for now, while you’re listening in. We feel Ethan has big plans. Hope we all can see his forward progression as it blooms.

Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite – Devil’s In My Car

Project of Dee and the Grand Brothers (Dominique and Sylvain). PATM was recently nominated for GAMIQ’s Best Indie Rock Album category. The album Canyon Diablo was the’ Featured Album Of The Week’ on Generation Next LIVE on 94.9 The Rock radio. PATM’S singles have been aired on a regular basis on commercial rock stations such as CILV 88.5 FM Ottawa, THE VERGE, SIRIUS XM, and 106.9 The Wolf. Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite launched their live show and with a vinyl release in late 2018 at Le Ministère in Montreal, kickstarting a series of events. Since then more than forty blogs and online magazines in the UK, USA, France and Canada have welcomed the band’s first two singles and debut album with extremely high praise. Never cumbersome nor grandiose, the vibes of PATM is of the ol’ school meeting the winds of the future present. The winds of change and variant, gather together for a perfect storm where hurricane lyrics rule and vibrant story setting is pure. Sit down for a satisfying din-din. You’re in for a surprise with PATM.

Coco – Story

Off of EP ‘Modern’, COCO’s single ‘Story’ is a journey across the nation hidden in your heart. Like the classic heartland rock that belies the underneath honesty of the song, the lyrics of ‘Story’ is a heart-ful casting of notions and love. The love of a promise and of a dangling departure to a desire, come to fruition. Not too much known about COCO and the person behind the project, but we do know one thing: That the project within the ‘Modern’ EP is certainly a wistful and fabulous collection of memories that we can all enjoy. The single was written in San Francisco, circa 2018.

Blame Baby – Headcase

‘Headcase’ is a punk laced fast times at Ridgemont High kind of good time. The song deep dives with dark themes of self-realization and identity confusion. BLAME BABY is the work of Jesse Johnson, Omar D. Brancato, and Matt Tucci. ‘Headcase’ was produced by Frederick Thaae (Kate Nash, Saint Motel, The Glorious Sons), and becomes a realization as it is very innocent in its arrangement. And that’s where it succeeds. It evokes a certain period of time when there was more to look forward to. Though our individual memories or notions of possible memories are unclear, that same breadth of soul cleansing ‘feel good’ comfort comes through like ace in ‘Headcase’. To add to that fun feel, the contrasting lyrics make this single something to hold on to.


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