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Izaak Opatz Shares ‘Bathing In The Ganges’.

The malign reactions of the smirks on those young wrinkles, reminded them of his magnificent methods of absorbing what was in front of him, then spitting it out in a jerky, lurching, unique way. It was his indomitable ‘machismo’ and a unique personality trait that everyone around him noticed, from the first second of getting acquainted.

Can persons be a ‘gem’?

Can a person, who is not your lover, be so very necessary for a better quality of life…for yourself?

What if that person disappeared from the Earth?

Who knows. Maybe we’ll just enjoy how our lives had come to this point.

Let’s just enjoy the view, and breathe in deeply.

The fun nature of Izaak Opatz comes straight through in his songs. We can imagine easily what his personal mannerisms are, and how they equate to his life, family, friends, and the activities he chooses to accomplish. And one of them is music, and we as fans, are glad that he’s gone to great lengths to do so. The simplicity, in a song like ‘Bathing In The Ganges’, flourishes with subjective complexities. And just like what we imagine Izaak is like, we feel it’s a prize to put on that trophy shelf, to glean, to admire.

Izaak Opatz is rep’ed by Mama Bird Recording, one of our fave labels.

The band is made up of: Izaak Opatz and Malachi DeLorenzo.

The RE-RELEASE of the album ‘Mariachi Static’ (LP/CD formats) will be on July 20th.



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