izo.dae ‘Just My Voice’ : Collide in a soup of cosmic alternatives and desires.


‘Just my voice’ was created by layering one note of my singing to create a harmony and chord progression.

“Once I did this I was inspired to keep the track simple in production,” said izo.dae. “So for most of the track it’s just the kick clap my voice and the chords. Though as The song progresses other elements are added to create interest and complement what I’m saying. For instance my lyrics “is a day it’s 0K rock it out like the olden days” then I complement that by adding a guitar and heavy Tom fill similar to what you may hear in a rock song.

Raucous and pomp, the extraordinary derision of pop and rap, collide in a soup of cosmic alternatives and desires. With staggered drops, and tangent focus, the single delivers in a hype effervescence, suited for explanation and dance floor of anthem.


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