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Izzy Heltai // Three Cities // Yeah That’s It // The Ninth Wave // Caleb and the Salties

Dave East

Izzy Heltai – Marching Song

Engrossed in her thoughts, she faced the piece of paper where she needed to put her thoughts down. For her sanity. For the life that she was about to embark…as the sun shined through that curtained open window sill. Northampton, Massachusetts based IZZY HELTAI tells of tales as simple and significant to the touch. Off of the upcoming new EP ‘Only Yesterday’ (April 19th), ‘Marching Song’ is a brutally honest single of and about those unencumbered steps through majesties within life. A tattle-tale of registrations in thought, simmering, ultimately to the visions of one’s inner strength and possible courage to make them come true. It’s a beautiful and beautifully presented acoustic experience that Izzy has afforded us. Izzy’s dynamic and multi-dimensionally expressive vocals dial, everything down to a rain-drop, as it encourages the monsoon that can be each one of us.

Three Cities – Risky Chance

Dynamic. Soaring. Unexpected. Wild. THREE CITIES converge at a knife point and give us this succulent 70’s/80’s hair band nostalgia that just doesn’t quit. In ‘Risky Chance’ it’s that story that we’re all familiar with in our personal lives – looking for love, finding love, hoping for that chance to prove to her that we’re the one. Rocking guitars, fabulous attitudes, combine flawlessly to throw everything out the window in this single, as the dastardly talented artists drive you just bonkers with exalting chords and lyrics. Motley Crue, Cinderella, Boston, Chicago, KISS – THREE CITIES knows how to do hard-rock, right. What a party. Invite them to your next venue!

Yeah That’s It – Enough

Will Hanson is the purveyor of delight, as his project YEA THAT’S IT delivers in spades in the single ‘Enough’. Deeper than deep, introspectively experimental, relevantly exquisite – the single’s chorus is to die for, as those white snow covered hills of your mind pass your consciousness, as you fly over the troubled waters of the here and now. This worldly synth driven single, encapsulates the longing that comes with self-induced critical views of a relationship and its circumstances on two possible passers-by. Originally from the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Minneapolis based multi-instrumental artist is his outlet for expression. And from ‘Enough’, we’re swept up in his story of emotional caution, trepidation, and the feelings of unforeseen intrigue where possible darker corners are hidden and nurtured in life’s normalities.

The Ninth Wave – Used To Be Yours

Escalating and resisting, ‘Used To Be Yours’ is a song which puts a stake in the ground of love and never again crossing that line. In the light of THE NINTH WAVE’s announcement of their debut album ‘Infancy’, the band will deliver on that promise in 2 parts: ‘Part I’ on April 26 and ‘Part II’ on November 15. “The song is set in the No Man’s Land that you find yourself in after a relationship ends, where you still feel like you have some sort of possession over each other,” stated bassist and vocalist for this single, Millie Kidd. “It reflects upon the inability to find comfort in one’s own company.” The Glasgow, Scotland based band, takes to newer heights, as the understated gumption flows rightfully and distinctly through the word-veins the band, dictates. The vision is clear. And through it, THE NINTH WAVE can be yours.

Caleb and the Salties – The Ballad of Jack and Zarya

Sated Caleb, ‘The Ballad of Jack and Zarya’ is “just a story about my hometown which seems to swallow its residents alive.” Whatever could that mean? The North Carolina based indie-DIY artist is no stranger to enigmatic upbringings in his songs and projects. The singles he deals with are true extensions to his inner being. We have failings within all of us, of not communicating the way we should have. We feel that Caleb does this, for us, showing the way, to a better day. Delving in different genres including rap, indie-rock, shoegaze, and dream-pop, Caleb’s understated methods are becoming and curates the kind of feelings of hope and doubts that we harbor as we mature through this life. ‘The Ballad Of Jack And Zarya’ might be a story about strangers, but it is intrinsically a reflection pool for hope and salvation for our own personal issues and stresses.


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