Izzy Warner ‘Brand New’ : “Conflict of wanting to let someone down gently but honestly.”

Izzy Warner

‘Brand New’ is an intoxicating pop banger from Izzy Warner. Izzy’s flawless pop vocal is a triumph as is the trademark ‘breath of fresh air’ production from Karl Zine (RINNGS, Hanne Mjoen, Jareth). With an ear for an infectious hook, Izzy’s music draws on both her talent as a writer and performer and her whirlwind past of tragedy, love, loss and perseverance which adds a disarming honesty to her lyrics.

Said Izzy: “This is the first song Karl and I wrote together so it feels like a great place to start. The song is about the conflict of wanting to let someone down gently but honestly. It explores the situation where someone expresses that they want to be in a relationship with you, but you feel they haven’t been through enough in life to truly connect with you…”

Over the past 3 years Izzy has collaborated with many of the publishing, composing and production titans in the music industry. Her vocals and songwriting can be heard gracing a wide range of tracks like the worldwide trailer for critically acclaimed movie “Miss Fisher and The Crypt of Tears” which debuted at Palm Springs Film Festival.


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