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J. Bernardt – The Other Man

J. Bernardt’s The Other Man is a cornerstone in achieving a musical innuendo. Just listen to it, and the subtlety, and the crisp conversation in the production is terse and wide- at the same time. The timeline is expansive, where Bernardt pushes the keys – it’s the gentle jabs into the ribs – that does the most damage.

And this song does some damage – for the senses; wicked thoughts, and daily priorities.

Stop we did – to listen. Work? Nope. Laundry? Nope. Lunch? Nope. Belting of the hype ‘horns’ in the music sent us in a heebie-jeebie trip.

“One, two, three, four, get your ass out the door… then come right back in – for we need you.”

Your presence is needed. Your face is kissable. Your cheeks so soft. Caress me. Love me.


Look into my eyes. Why? Hold my lower ab. Why?

Because you need to. I need you to.


Minimal as this song is, hap-hazard at note distribution, it’s held together finely- like silk.

Kudos, J. Kudos.

He’s rep’ed by PIAS Belgium. And looks like lots of others think the same way about his music. His tour is packed in the next couple of months. If you’re in the Netherlands area, you’re in luck!



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