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J. Centrella, Talk Time, Mesa Luna, Mike Edel, INEZ

J. Centrella – Places

You hurt my heart. You left me with nothing to live for. You were my life and I’d never thought you’d crush my living soul. You are cruel, vicious, unintentional joke of a former lover. But I still love you. When will you let me in again? You never will, I know.

Talk Time – True North

Los Angeles based indie-pop quintet TALK TIME takes you on another journey of profound self-awareness and mystical self-assured rapture in love. Or for the loveless. Living in the wake of a devastation, we need to find that right direction again. Frontman Edson Choi stated that ‘True North’ is about “finding perspective in this often terrifying, always ambiguous and beautiful life”. Maybe it’s the dangers of life that makes the ‘beautiful’ what it is.

Mesa Luna – Feel Nothing

Justice McLellan is MESA LUNA. The dream-pop shoegazy oozing acrobatics of the notion of ‘nothingness’ and the penetration of worth and the ridiculous is stated in the single ‘Feel Nothing’. “The song is about a person who’s relationship is in a repetitive rut and they’re trying to communicate to their partner ‘let’s get away from this together’, said Justice. We agree wholly. Let’s hold hands, and escape this blatant and obvious obstruction to ultimate happiness.

Mike Edel – Challenger

Take a ride on that ‘off the beaten path’ roadway to the future with MIKE EDEL’s single ‘Challenger’. Wind in your hair, and the smell of the fall air, brings you and your lover to another season of the relationship. Fight for every inch of the pack you have with each other. After all, it’s worth it. Problem solve, for the next mile marker is near, and it needs your confirmation. There are bumps in the road, but it’s insignificant when you are in love. Don’t let the noise get to you. You’re needed in a higher state of human empathy.

INEZ – Rising Sun

From deep bass to the emotive guitar licks, INEZ constructs the effortless destruction of your soul – your soul made of coal and embers that had loved. It wants to love again. ‘Rising Sun’ wants you to be risen again. Now, near, future – in a tablet form, the task is at hand, and her hands guide you to that upper atmosphere. The 60’s psychedelic under-tones of this single is both ‘petrifying’ but yet so ‘gentile’. INEZ’s modern form of sonic commnication melts our minds, and causes our hearts to re-live our decadence once more. Her new album ‘NOW’ is upcoming in 2019.


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