J.E. Sunde ‘Risk’ : Green light for your heart to try again. Let’s keep trying to love. Again.

J.E. Sunde

Off of album ‘9 Songs About Love’, J.E. Sunde’s single ‘Risk’ is a stroll down memory lane, wherever that lane was to you. A delicious song with tinged melancholy, but vibrantly brimmed with positivity and the ‘way forward’, the folk/rock offering is a viable panacea for your longings.

Said J.E.: “The idea this song is considering is that love is a risk, but it’s worth the risk. If you’ve been hurt by people you loved, or you’ve made mistakes that hurt others, or you’ve believed in an unrealistic picture of what love is and find it really hard to let go, it can be really hard to take the risk to love people. However, unless we risk we can’t really love others or receive love, and I’ve come to believe that that is a far worse thing than the hurt that may come from opening ourselves up to the vulnerability of loving others. So ultimately, love is a risk that’s worth the risk.”

Worth it at the time. And worth it far removed. Love is fickle and picky.

Soothing your concerns, in the light of this single, exfoliates the dust of half-truth loves and pretender angsts.

‘Risk’ is a green light for your heart to try again.

Let’s keep trying to love.



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