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J. Laser // bodyimage // littleuniverses // Stevie Jean // Tom Cridland

J. Laser – Waves and Blades

J. Laser is a project led by Composer/Producer Jordan Lawlor, from Los Angeles, California, he fuses the modern means of electronic production and sonic manipulation with the warmth and humanity of the classic song craft & instrumentation found prominent in the eras gone past. With his new project, the sonic thesis is best exemplified in the lead single ‘Waves & Blades’,a track that uses harmonic feedback provided by a stack of modular synthesizers backed by classic krautrock rhythm, topped with an urgent vocal decrying the modern dystopian climate of times. Jordan said: ““This track (‘Waves & Blades’) started the first day at a studio where they had this modular synthesizer the size of a small truck, we spent the entire day patching and plugging it’s wires until this massive, guttural riff came sputtering out of the synth that sounded like it was summoned from the subterranean depths of the earth!” Word.

bodyimage x theultravisitor – LIFE SUPPORT

‘LIFE SUPPORT’ is the first single from the debut compilation of the Nashville based music collective softcore. Cait Cole (also in Foreign Family Collective duo “”) and producer Jordan Reyes (Blackbear, Kyle) are the duo behind this mesmerizingly project and single. The duo also isn’t “defined by the musical boundaries of their peers” and “bodyimage paints a vivid picture of nuanced emotion, framed by a tense and innovative sound.” Industrial, genuine, internal – ‘LIFE SUPPORT’ is life, for a moment, of you.

littleuniverses – Back to Life

“This song began from a poem that I was writing. When I write and sing my music, my intention is to create immersive little universes. I love to experience moments deeply and I want my audience to get transported to another place through my songs.” Mission accomplished. With beautiful vocals and attention to details of the heart, the experience of ‘Back To Life’ has the cosmic breadth of which it deserves, whole heartedly. Delivered in an indie-pop/rock and bleeding into the Universe of world-music, it’s a decadent mystery of sounds that makes you sink deeper and deeper, as you listen and listen. The song was produced by Scott Jacoby and Zach Ezickson.

Stevie Jean – December Song

Cypriot-Australian singer-songwriter Stevie Jean released her debut EP ‘Blame Game’. The album is a project that tells that tumultuous stories of her high-school years. The lead single is December Song, a flaunting queer anthem taunting ‘I bet you want me now that I’m gone’. “I’m willing to admit to being an entire cliche in high-school. I fell in love with my best-friend who had a boyfriend. As we got older, she started calling me every time she drank. December Song is the ultimate “I bet you want me now I’m gone” anthem. It’s petty and it’s triumphant!” said Stevie Jean.

Tom Cridland – Hit the Pub All Day

Ultra talented and amiable soul, Tom Cridland, is in it to win it. From 70’s pop, to modern pop – and from disco to indie rock, Tom’s works range wide and deep. The love of the horns in this funky groove of ‘Hit The Pub All Day’ is filled with the fun and honesty that comes with the man. Dance, singalong, and move with the shine of what Tom brings. He’s currently on a US tour and does his thing to entertain his fans. The charm comes with the territory, as we’d witnessed through his other singles. It’s a lovely project indeed. See Tom next @ The Lost Leaf, Phoenix Arizona November 30th.


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