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J Lind // Quest // Erisy Watt // David Ellis // Carpet

J Lind – For What It’s Worth

J LIND is 23. A songwriter from Phoenix, brings his touch of class to pop song writing and folk attitudes. In his single ‘For What It’s Worth’, the title track from his upcoming debut LP, seeks out the marrow of life, in a combative and internal view of existence, culminating in absorbing both bad and good outcomes. J stated: “The driving theme is acceptance. Every peaceful end-of-life experience that I’ve witnessed has involved some level of radical acceptance. I wanted the songs to explore this idea and the reorienting effect that it has to offer.” Degrees of separation makes up our life span. Slivers of the good or the bad, glue our ultimate summary. J LIND’s insightfulness continues.

Quest – Fanturinn

Yep. Nostalgia. Hear that bass. Hear the shimmering guitar picking. Hear the modern Scandinavian groove. QUEST is a 4 piece from Reykjavík Iceland and they are here to rock your world. That beat just wants you do get up and dance. And you do. We did. Working as the band for the past 4 years, QUEST is close to their first LP. Energetic, defiant, fun, aromatic – QUEST has it all for your entertainment. Easy to access, and purely fabulous, the synchronicity of the band’s offerings, tribute deliberately and unapologetically for the masses.

Erisy Watt – Treasure Maps

ERISY WATT has, so far, had great attention and affection from outlets like CBS This Morning, Jam in the Van, and No Depression. She’s shared stages with acts like Riff Raff, L.A. Salami, Mr. Little Jeans, Shook Twins, Kuinka, Dustbowl Revival, Marty O’Reilly, Royal Jelly Jive, T Sisters and Rainbow Girls. The Nashville-raised folk artist, now based in Portland, Oregon, delivers that hard to attain ease that is of what folk music can be. With authentic banjos, fiddle, and acoustic vibes co-mingling with glee, Erisy’s lyrical promises shine with delight. Her album is out now. And see her next at EDGE Brewing CO. in Boise, Idaho August 7th.

David Ellis – Eyes to the Sky

London-based musician, DAVID ELLIS is a glorious decade that you’d wanted to visit all these years. In this debut single from the talented indie-pop artist, sings with vibrance and never relents in limitations. Why? Because David never think in limitations. The positivity of his lyrics, about love and what it means to so many of us, expound with gumption as it’s guided by the delightful instruments and fiddle. You just can’t be unhappy with ‘Eyes To The Sky’. It gave us hope. We think it should, you, as well. His full album will drop August 15th, and on that day, the skies should be fuller and brighter, as it’s never been. At least we think so, it will.

Carpet – Ocean

1991. CARPET started. Then for their 20th year anniversary (2018) the band was together again to celebrate at the Icleand Airwaves music festival in Reykjavik. Now they had recorded this single ‘Ocean’ after the unforeseen reunion. The happenstance of getting together, now has become a touring event. CARPET, the progenitor where for a moment where Jón Þór Birgisson of Sigur rós fronted the band, now flourishes again. A different decade. A different mission. Lots of fun and making fans happy. What a glorious continuation to a legacy.


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