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J-Punch and Dave Moonshine Shares ‘Bombogenesis’. Cinematic Recourse On What You May Have Been.

She had become what she didn’t want to become. It was a Thursday afternoon, and she’d already been satiated with the copses of her enemies. The male counterparts detested her tactics. The male counterparts hated her deviousness. The male counterparts – wanted her.

The rise of Eleanor was of meteoric rise to the top of the corporate world. And the way she did so was unprecedented. Her biggest rivals applauded her methods of the way she conquered, manipulated, and dominated the world of business.

There were bodies strewn on the side of the proverbial business world, taken and ‘eaten up’ by her magnetism.

Where did the ‘fire’ within her come from?

How long will it burn with such white hot intensity?

Don’t look to far and deep into her silhouette. Your eyes will burn and liquify. Your soul will dry up with fear.

A legend has been born.

J-PUNCH & DAVE MOONSHINE’s ‘Bombogenesis’ is a declaration of understated power, to the soul, to the mind, to the ethics of what’s to come and will be with-held. For your benefit. For your sensibilities. And for the non-compliant self writhing image of you, that no-one else can see.

The thumping heart of this single is that ‘flag in the ground’, telling yourself to “Surge, you bastards! Surge forward!”

Their latest album ‘The Kodiak Princess’ is available now.



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