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Ja Ja Dickicht // Midnight Vesta // Dead Painters // Right Shitty // Radiofire

Ja Ja Dickicht – Neighbor

See this fab prog-rock instigator of a project named Ja Ja Dickicht if you’re @ Sender in Zürich, Switzerland. If you can, because the Radiohead like indie just rolls off of the tongue and envelopes you into something very much JJD. Charm of sounds are combined to make a tantric aggression in kindness and invigoration that just kicks things into such high gears. And better yet, all that is done when you don’t even expect it. Righteous and cosmic, ‘Neighbor’ is a beautiful example of where JJD has and can go with his music. “The music is almost never just floaty or restless; determined or insecure; Pop or the opposite of Pop. It is both at the same time.” Contrasts. Indeed. Pascal Schärli heads this project and it does a body good. ‘Neighbor’ is off of the latest EP ‘Wrong Maps’.

Midnight Vesta – Complicated Pony

Midnight Vesta is a folk-rock band based out of Toronto, ON. Since the release of their debut EP, ‘The Sleight of Hand’, the band have been expanding an audience with their live performance. From Aesthetic Magazine Toronto, the band stated about the new single: “Sometimes we can’t be around the people we care about the most, and we’re forced to overcome obstacles. Many relationships require time for healing, pursuing dreams, and discovering new opportunities. Pressure can be the death of love, but ‘Complicated Pony’ is a song that says – I love ya, no matter what, and I’ll be here when you’re ready”. With songs like this driving locomotive called ‘Complicated Pony’, the boys will be busy entertaining their fans for a long time to come. A vexing honesty is embedded within their works and never gets tiring, during the listening. See them next @ Peppers Pub, St John New Brunswick on November 9th.

Dead Painters – Marigold

From the upcoming new album ‘Doused’ (December 5th), comes ‘Marigold’. Originally formed by a group of visual artists, Dead Painters has evolved into a cohesive unit that draws upon both the mundane and miraculous of the everyday. Made up of Oliver Beardsley (percussion), TC Brownell (bass, vocals, keys), Marlene Bowles (guitar), and Japeth Mennes (vocals, guitar, bass), the band treads the line between moody melancholy and triumphant bouts of self-reflection. Brooklyn based, and driving emphasis in the shoegazy inspired lo-fi, ‘Marigold’ is subtle and quite literal in its sensibilities, as it portrays with self-scrutiny. What hat it got, Romeo? ‘Marigold’ is a charming consistency for an expectation of this band. Japeth said: “I think we all share an interest in writing songs that combine aspects of portraiture (of people we may or may not know personally) along with a dose of autobiography.”

Right Shitty – 1000

New track off our second album from the boys in Right Shitty. Stephen Ricketts, Peter Ellefsen, Levi Ellingwood, and Pat Bonner, throws the old notions away in a reserve pillow cover, noting the ornate design on the silken fabric, while saying hello to the new neighbors. They say that they are “four underemployed, uneducated deaf rats”, and as far as their music, we think we agree. Odd right? Nope. Right Shitty. Clamoring for the edges of the palisades, the sharp knives of angst comes out like a blast from a tank. ‘1000’ does that when you think you need to get back to what you’d forgotten to do today. But you don’t care now, because there’s this rock noise you hear, here. Rock on, yo.

Radiofire – All I Want

Paal Rørvik, Alexander Nilsen, Reidar R. Johansen, Mario Sætre, and Timmy Aass brings back the good days of your dreams back to the fore. Radiofire is a band which has a full command of the 80’s synth pop down to a tee. ‘All I Want’ is one of those offerings that hits like neon lightening. Radiofire is a Pop/Rock band from Norway which was formerly known as Vito, was formed by students from Volda. So much fun, and having so much goodness, the band is tight and willing to entertain. Nostalgia done right.


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