Jaan ‘Oscillate’ : Spiraling analogue synths and hypnotic modular melodies.


‘Oscillate’ features waves of spiraling analogue synths and hypnotic modular melodies set against overdriven synth scratches; snatches of manipulated, obscure soul vocal samples; and a sultry, grooving bass-line, anchored by an upbeat, mutant disco rhythm. As the track reaches its crescendo, instruments swell with distortion to the point of abrasiveness, before falling to a split-second of silence followed by a satisfying, spacey groove to fade.

Jaan members Rian O’Grady and Reyhaan Day combine studio experimentation and song craft to create heady, organic electronic music.

Using hardware synthesizers, cassette loops, samples and live instrumentation, Jaan’s nostalgic, multi-layered compositions often begin as live performances, which are then developed in our South East London studio.

All tracks are recorded and mixed by Jaan.


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