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Jack Binkerd Shares ‘Aileen Wournos’. It’s Only The Tip Of The Iceberg. Lay It On Us.

JACK BINKERD is a fabulous musician. Soulful, jazzy, bluesy – just what you want to hear when you have nothing else to do but look at those beautiful girls on the downtown straights of (your town). Well, not our town, for it would be an odd situation. But in Nashville, maybe! And when Jack is playing, it’ll become a fairy tale of rockin’ guitar licks and girls licking their lips for you (not us though).

In all seriousness, Jacks guitar work is just so Allman Bros and so Kansas.

FYI. It’s delicious. Fresh. Not stodgy.

And that deliciousness is layered on like awesome cake frosting, Jack’s vocals gives that air of ‘selectiveness’ without loitering around and wasting time on the entertainment front. We imagine Jack, on the stage, and we screaming like little boys and enjoying every minute of his musical performance.

Even better, this is his first official single. This means he potentially has even more / even better singles to offer our needy musical hearts.

The song is about serial killer Aileen Wournos, he said.

Don’t let that deter you from liking this song.

You deserve to like this song.

For we like this song.

Listen to the solo.

Anywho, we can’t wait to see what else Jack will offer us, listeners.

His new upcoming debut EP ‘American Sweethearts’ will drop August 1st.




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