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Think. Listen. Hear what JACK CASSADY is saying. In lyrics and through the energy he poses, ‘Sidewalks’ is a concept painting for that blank wall of your life. The song is a pop-rock monster of it’s own making, as the seemingly straining of the vocals are the perfect addition to what the song DEMANDS. Yes. It ‘DEMANDS’ of the perfection that is JACK CASSADY. His vision, his work, his excitement, his visions for what his music can be, is clearly demonstrated to full and glorious effect. We were dumbfounded and caught off-guard. As you will be too. But it’s a dang fab single. Jack said: “This is the first song that I’ve finished all the way through (not the only) since starting to produce in Abelton a year ago. I played, produced, and mixed the song by myself in my friend’s barn this past summer and it’s mostly a summary of my feelings about life so far/right now and dissatisfaction with things, but also kinda celebrating life at the same time.” Contrasts flow naturally from Jack. We feel you. Crystal.

Margo Zelle – Lazy

The first person that popped into our listening mind was of Anita Baker, when MARGO ZELLE started of in this graceful r&b/soul groove and jazz/standards like vibes. Margo’s specially adept vocal attention to each word expression is fabulously delightful and gainfully engaging. With fascinating assertions and manifesting methods of telling a story to her liking, ‘Lazy’ is a summer song, for the Autumn in mind. “In our current society, it seems everyone is getting busier and stress levels are rising,” stated Margo. “I certainly feel like I’m going 100 miles an hour most of the time. Recently, I met someone who eased my stress. When I am near them, I breathe better, and there is no place I’d rather be. I’ve learned that relationships like this are vital, as they are a speck of peace in an ocean of commotion. Sometimes you need someone to slow you down, ……….. and to make you lazy.” It’s a prescription for the common ailment of the quick pace world – whether love or for money, it’s hard to get out of that rat race. But Margo’s here to remind us to take a deep breath and take a second. More to come from Margo? Look out. Margo’s got the voice to drive smooth jazz fans nuts.

The Cabin Fever – Window Pain

Alternative. Alternate. Dimension. Foregone. Never a conclusion, THE CABIN FEVER’s single ‘Window Pain’ is that nightmare you’d wanted to dream, and caress. The relentless portraits in variations in sound and rock interventions, is as beautiful as other worldly. The Los Angeles based band is cathartic in the best sense of the word, with a laying mentality to normality, but never forgetting what their audience cherishes. The darkness exudes and perpetrates in this almost industrial revel of a single. Consisting of S. Moriarty (vocals/guitar), J. Bedolla (guitar), Tripp Beam (drums), and Patrick Taylor (Bass), the band’s idillic and sumptuously fevered approach is something to behold. ‘Alone Together’ is the upcoming new release which drops September 27th. See them for the release show at Resident on September 26th, in Los Angeles.

Tim Ayre – Not Like It Should Be

Australian musician TIM AYRE’s single ‘Not Like It Should be’ follows up the hit ‘LAXX’. The glitchy vibes is more subtle this time, but it exists in this latest with a purposeful focus, as it’s ever had. The arrangements subside disappointments and confounding aspects, with darker notes that exude remembering vitality. A bit out of sorts, the protagonist writhes with hysterical anger, while enjoying the circumstances of being. ‘Not Like It Should Be’ is a sight, beyond sight – a tale of two souls, in conflict and lost in translation.

So Below – Clear

SO BELOW is the project of New Zealand raised, Madeline North. She’s smart, kind, funny, and mucho talented in concocting stuff that sounds like serious and emotionally inviting synth-pop singles. In fact, she’s all of those, and more, as the lyrics and arrangements breaks down layers, while uplifting sensibilities of much common human struggles, which most of the time do not manifest themselves very well. We’re made of glass – humans are. And when not knowing, our minds and hearts break. Even when intending not to. ‘Clear’ says all that, in so many words, and waves of neon driven notes and chords. Her debut album is set to drop early 2020. ‘Clear’ is about “letting go of mistakes” said Madeline. Don’t let them eat you alive.


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