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Jack Conman – Greatly Hasty

When we listen to Jack Conman’s “Greatly Hasty”, there was one overwhelming thought that goes through our minds.

Imagine that the scenario is that the relationship with him/her is confusing. It’s confusing because of Mixed Signals and Contradictory Actions (as anything confusing often projects). Because of the confusion, in our small little way, we become Trapped in our own minds – second guessing, doubting, not knowing whether to be angry or not.

Here is (at least in CHF’s imagination) where “Greatly Hasty” starts its narrative journey.

Because of the doubts, we form “friends” in our own cognitive mind. A chorus is chimed, repeated… then repeated some more – telling our hurt hearts that there could be something wrong with the scenario.

But the kicker is that (and many times in real life) we decide (in a non-decidedly fashion) to stay in that kind of relationship: Continuously confused, walk on egg shells, frustrated and deep inside – angry.

Well, at least this image made sense to us, at that time =P



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