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Jack DeMeo Shares ‘Most Honest Liar (Official Music Video)’. “I Will Not Stand Down. I’m More Than That.”

Acceptance is the hardest for a ‘proud’ person. A person who is on the precipice of being egotistical about him/herself, of not being very critical of the the personal. This kind of person neglects the fact that sometimes, it IS his/her fault; that it IS his/her detriment that causes such pains. For the lives of the ones near and for the inner soul, deep within, the war of denial starts and never dissipates.

Hence, ‘acceptance’ is the hardest hurdle to jump. The barb wired, fence – nay – wall, increases with thorns and bombs and height, as age sets in older, older, older. The cementing of thoughts, the cementing of self-righteous pity, hardens the gaps of flexibility or at least the possibilities of it happening.

“Can I break away?”

“The speed is so overwhelming. No. I am right to be this way. Who are they to tell me I’m hard to live with.”

“I am the sole conjurer of this footprint on this mighty Earth, and I am king here. You can’t tell me what I am or what I need to be; for your pleasure? Heck no. I will not concede.”

As the light from the warm sun settles out of sight from the air, dusk slowly creeps in. That ‘fence’ has grown and is taller than before. Will it be too late for our protagonist?

“I will not stand down.”

The empty stage in his life, tells the story. His only friend, being the ‘fence’, doesn’t comfort him in his waning days.

JACK DEMEO is a recent graduate of USC’s Thornton School of Music – Pop Music. His friends and peers worked hard to create this fabulously mixed and visually captured music video for DeMeo’s single ‘Most Honest Liar’. It puts a smile to our face, for it’s always heartwarming to see what such talented young folks can achieve, individually and/or in collaboration.

The ‘declarative’ and ‘anthemic’ song just peels away what Jack has inside his musical soul. And we think he’s just begun to spread his wings, explore the light and darker side of his being. We hope he can have the chances to communicate those angst and emotional rollercoasters for us, the public, to embrace and enjoy.

Let’s see where Jack can go from here.

The video was directed & edited by Ryan Wagner, Produced by Reef Oldberg, Cinematography by Carter Feuerhelm, and Production Design by Emily Simpson.


We at CHF celebrate and advocate such positive musical genesis. Hope you can too, cheer such endeavors.



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