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JACK DRAG Shares Overdue ‘Little Lies’. Been A While. Glad To Hear Ya, Again.

Someone commented that this single was ‘Epic’. That of course comes with layers of tones and meaning – depending on who’s handling the word. For us, this song is certainly ‘Epic’. First, because the song has Aimee Mann as one of his cameo voices. And second, without Aimee Mann, the song just stands on its own, with chin held high and with lasers coming out of its metaphorical eyes.

What?! Lasers?? What you talking about Willis??

It’s a metaphorical statement, Arnold.

Oh, the lasers of lyrical magnetism shoots out and rips apart that old couch of yours, like it was last year’s old newspaper. Yep. We said it. Had to be done.

Anywho, John Dragonetti hadn’t produced and published under his JACK DRAG moniker in like 16 years. Until now. And it’s a good thing that this single is airy and is the kind of synth blemished indie-folk psychedelia, that it is.

It’s a delicious treat. Like a 60’s chorus of words strung with sparkles of tossed powder sugar.


The new album ‘2018’ will drop soon.


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