Jack Grace Shares New Single ‘Downstate’. Look into Your Heart. Like What You See?

Jack Grace will be releasing his new EP ‘If I Tremble’ on April 13th. And this time he’s released his new single ‘Downstate’, off of the upcoming EP.

We’d reviewed his upcoming EP as:

“Grace brings the shades of life and the living, unfolding in the songs of what could be, within his new EP ‘If I Tremble’. The textures are undeniably subtle, but all that means is that we need to adjust our vision of our interpretations.”

Lost futures, hidden in the past’s folds of pages. Digging through that hosts of undeniable pronouncements, human contact, human interactions. We lost you that day, she said. – CHF

Grace continues to explore the out reaches of his Universe, and terrestrial confoundments – in song, in verse, in music narration.

The new EP drops April 13th.

He’s rep’ed by Of Leisure, working hard out of Australia.

Buy [HERE]


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